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Highly Distributed
Remote First

Helping your organization respond to the stay at home policy.

“As the work-from-home model becomes the norm and work itself becomes more distributed, we will continue to build infrastructure and technology solutions optimized for the workplace of the future."
Pat Gilsinger
CEO - VMware


Let us help you find the gaps and evolve your model to face today's challenges


We understand how to expand your remote reach and grow towards your objectives


Executing virtual experiences for organizations facing todays remote landscape


Helping support your remote initiatives

Remote Engagement

Game and graphic driven platform leveraged to engage attendees at virtual events.

Virtual Education

Virtual platform focused on training, education and on-boarding.

Reporting and Analytics

Implementing testing and reporting on remote implementations across the board.

Virtual Development

Helping your organization build the foundation to support virtual event development and execution.

CGX Remote Central

We are your remote consultants

VIRTUAL experience

Helping you prepare for tomorrow challenges

Tomorrow’s business challenges today, let us help you get a foot forward.  

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